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Tired of being passed over on TV, radio and Online? It’s time to build your brand profile to GET NOTICED!


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5 Keys to Media Success Free Video Training Series


Unlock YOU! Free ebook to Unlock Your Mind+Heart to Liberate+Love Your Authentic Self from Andrea Pennington, MD on Vimeo.

Dr. Andrea Pennington provides online life coaching & empowerment resources to unlock your potential for transformation.

After a life-changing near death experience Dr. Andrea experienced profound love and compassion for herself and all of LIFE. Here she offers you simple questions to assist you in your awakening to a transformed life.

Unlock Your Mind+Heart to Liberate+Love Your Authentic Self!

Live with increased confidence, peace and joy!


What holds you back from awakening to a transformed life? Unlock Your Mind+Heart to Liberate+Love Your Authentic Self Free Ebook


You can stand out and GET NOTICED for the amazing person you are. Learn the tricks from this 20 year media maven in this short but empowering podcast!


How do you love yourself?

People are often surprised that I suffered with depression for over a decade. As the tragic loss of Robin WIlliams reminds us, suffering in silence is no longer an option.


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Online life coaching and personal branding for media success!

A sought-after TV personality with broad media exposure, Dr. Pennington has served as the Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Health Online and has been featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox News, the Today Show, the Early Show — CBS, and many other national television programs.

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5 KEY TO MEDIA SUCCESS VIDEO TRAINING SERIES for On Camera Training on How To Brand Yourself on TV, radio and online from Andrea Pennington, MD on Vimeo.

Learn to brand yourself and get more TV interviews with 5 Keys to Media Success training by Dr Andrea Pennington, 20-year broadcast media master, 2-time Oprah and Dr. Oz exert guest.

Dr. Pennington introduces her 5 Keys to Media Success training series which includes:

* How to brand yourself in the media with confidence and integrity
* How to get TV producers to call you for expert interviews about your product or service
* How to prepare an electronic press kit and online media presence to attract producers and show bookers
* Learn how to get your message across effectively & consistently for
maximum impact across all media platforms.
* On camera training tips to increase your confidence during TV & radio interviews.
* Establish yourself as a local and national expert.
* Craft your brand message in line with your personality & values.

Author, TV producer and host, Dr. Pennington is the past Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Health Channel - before it became the Oprah Winfrey Network. She is currently the voice of luxury for Luxe TV where her reports on luxury products, destinations and events are heard in 100+ countries all of the world.

Dr. Pennington is Professor of Communications at the International University of Monaco where she teaches MBA students on Media & Press Relations and personal development courses. She offers branding, PR and media communications strategy consulting online and in person. Learn more at

Specific step-by-step instruction on these essential media and PR topics will be covered in-depth during your 7-week course:

How to create an online electronic press kit to highlight your achievements and messages
How to prepare an interview prep list to ensure that your message comes across succinctly and powerfully
How to compose an effective ‘call to action’ to boost newsletter sign-ups after media interviews
How to connect with your audience in radio or TV interviews so that they feel comfortable with you
How to make hosts and producers call YOU for commentary every time there is a media story about your topic
How to present your website in a way that is media friendly and still attractive to potential clients
How to create a ‘brand identity’ that is in line with your personality, strengths and values
How to launch podcasts on iTunes
How to host your own radio show online
How to get a professional headshot portrait to promote the real you


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